In Brazil, soccer is a mean of integration in the national culture for refugees. © ACNUR/ L.F.Godinho

A Colombiana refugee in a market in São Paulo, Brazil Refugiada colombiana faz compras em feira livre no interior de São Paulo (Brasil). © ACNUR/ L.F.Godinho

Colombian refugee children resettled in Brazil. © ACNUR/ T.Bessa

In Equador, refugees are informed on their rights, as well as asylum procedures in the country. © ACNUR/ F.Tovoli

The Kuna indigenous people have suffered for years the dispossession of their lands, compounded by the activities of illegal armed groups. But they are not just losing their territory, as only the elders are keeping traditions alive. © ACNUR/ B.Heger

Kuna Children in Arquía, Chocó (Colombia). © ACNUR/ B.Heger

After several days of comunitarian work and capacity building, Wounaan women take part in decision making processes that concern their future and lives. Bellavista, Chocó. © ACNUR/ S.Mejía.

A refugee family in Peru. © ACNUR/ C.Ugarte

Christmas celebration with refugee and migrant children in the historic Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. © ACNUR/ M.Obeso

Cuban refugee in Chiapas, Mexico, where he works as a carpenter. © ACNUR/ M.Echandi

Dominican refugee family in Chiapas, Mexico. © ACNUR/ M.Echandi

Salvadoran refugee child in Chiapas, Mexico. © ACNUR/ M.Echandi